The key feature of this visa is that it is for the skilled workers who have not been sponsored by any employer or nominated by any state or sponsored by any family member. This point based visa allows the applicants to live and work in the country as a permanent resident. This application for this visa needs to be preceded by an expression of interest. Post this, you would be invited via SkillSelect to apply for the visa.

Upon getting this visa, you would be able to do the following –

  • Stay back in Australia for as long as you like
  • You can take up any educational course or a job in Australia
  • You can also be a part of the Australian government provided medicare
  • In case you fulfil the eligibility, you can also go on and apply for the Australian citizenship
  • You would also have the right to sponsor any of your eligible relatives for a permanent residency in Australia


In case you receive an expression of interest, you would need to apply within a time period of 60 days for the visa. In order to fulfil your expression of interest, you should have English language skills which are good enough to survive in Australia.