One of the most advanced and peaceful nation in the world, Denmark is an ideal place for the people to settle for a brighter future. The Danish Green Card can be considered as a offer made by the Danish Government wherein it invited the skilled workers to come to the country and work. Like many other nations, the Danish Green Card is a points based system. The minimum points required in order to eligible for the Danish Green Card is 100. These points are allotted based on a number of factors including age, education, work experience, language proficiency, financial background and adaptability. There is a slight change in rules for the professionals boasting of graduate degrees from India.

You can score extra points in the process if your education qualification is one of those which have been marked under the shortage category in Denmark’s positive list. Bonus points are also to be scored if the applicant has a bachelor’s, Master’s or a PhD degree from any of the top 400 institutions from across the globe.

The applicant needs to be conversant, along with a proper document in any one of the following languages – English, German, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian. A 30 point bonus can be had if the applicant boasts of education in one of the following occupations –

  • Teaching, education or related supervision
  • Information Technology or telecommunications
  • Medical doctor or a dentist
  • A qualified Engineer
  • Any high quality academic work
  • Education in the field of building or real estate construction
  • Education in religious or social work of some kind