Hong Kong is easily one of the most advanced places to live and work in Asia. Some of the best infrastructure in the continent and the biggest corporate names in the world are found inHong Kong. If you wish to bring your dream of coming to Hong Kong into reality, QMAS or Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is your best chance. This scheme is formed to bring in skilled professionals from all parts of the world to Hong Kong. The applicants, under QMAS, can migrate to Hong Kong along with their families, their spouse and their children below the age of 18 years.

In order to apply for the Hong Kong QMAS, the applicant needs to apply under one of the 2 point bases tests conducted by the authorities. These tests are Achievement Based Points Test and General Points Test. These tests would rate you on a number of factors including education, character, financial resources, age, experience and language.

Upon getting the required score, you would be able to file your visa application with the immigration department of Hong Kong. If your application is successful, you would get a 2 year visa which can be extendable to 3 more years twice if all the conditions for extension are being met. One of the important points related to QMAS is that you don’t actually need an offer of local employment before you migrate to Hong Kong. Also, you can apply for the Hong Kong citizenship once you have lived there for a period of seven years.

In order to be qualified for the QMAS program, the applicant has to score at least 80 points in the General Points Test or 195 points in the achievement based points test. These points take into consideration the age of the applicant, qualification, work experience, the candidate’s language proficiency and the family background. You can get some additional points if you have some international work exposure or a degree from an internationally recognized institution. The average time for the processing of the entire application is between 6 to 9 months. So you must file your application process accordingly.