One of the most beautiful and serene nations on the face of this earth, New Zealand has established itself as one of the most sought after immigration destinations in the world for people coming from all parts of the globe. This clean and advanced country offers a number of handsomely paying opportunities to immigrants, enabling them to lead a settled and satisfying life. Multicultural society, a high standard of living and a host of social security features make New Zealand an automatic destination for people looking for a better life.
The country is divided into multiple regions, with all of them presenting unique opportunities for people coming in. For instance, while Auckland is the commercial hub of the country, Waikato is known for its well established dairy and agricultural industry. The Gisborne region gives ample opportunities related to wine and agriculture industry.
The immigration system to New Zealand is point based and the applicants are ranked on the basis of the points scored by them. The authorities then invite them based on their score and their ability to contribute to the country’s economy. The points are awarded based on a number of factors including employment, age, if there are any family members in New Zealand, educational qualifications and the past work experience. In order to file an Expression of Interest, you must have a minimum of 100 points based on these criteria.

A New Zealand Permanent Residency visa gives you the following benefits –

• You can live in the country indefinitely
• You would be eligible for availing healthcare facilities given by the New Zealand government
• You would be eligible for availing school education in the country
• As a permanent resident, you can go out of the country and come back on your own discretion

There are three kinds of New Zealand PR visas, viz. SMC (Skilled Migrant Category), Family Category visa and Business and Investment visa. All these visas have different sets of requirements and eligibility criteria.