The Canadian province of Quebec is called by some as one of the most beautiful parts of the country. What makes it stand out from the rest of the country is its largely French speaking population which has resulted in French being named the official language of the province. Close to 45,000 immigrants are welcomed by Quebec from different parts of the world, highlighting its openness towards immigrants and their families.

With its own set of laws on immigration, the immigration system of Quebec is different from the PNPs run by the other Canadian provinces. Their yearly quotas and the methods to fulfil them are decided by the province autonomously.

The positive part remains that their immigration process is much swifter and easier when compared to the similar processes run by the other Canadian provinces. A high standard of living, high quality educational and professional opportunities are some of the reasons behind Quebec being considered as the top immigration destination by people from across the world. Low cost of living despite a high standard of living makes Quebec such an attractive proposition for anyone looking to make his or her future in Canada.