The ties between the UK and India go back a long way. The historical connection between the two nations have only grown deeper with a number of Indians going on to settle in the UK in search for better professional and educational opportunities. Though the immigration procedure followed by the UK is highly complex and takes a lot of effort to be cracked, the charm of the country refuses to die down, especially among the Indians.

The UK mainly offers 2 types of visa to the immigrants – tier 1 and tier 2.

The Tier 1 visas are usually offered to those professionals who are highly skilled and are believed to be as asset to the UK economy. Some of the people who get this kind of visa include business owners, people nominated by the British Academy and Royal Society, investors, writers, self employed advocated, artists and other composers.

The tier 2 visa is for the trained workers under different classes including general, priests and sportsmen. Apart from these visas, UK is also a hot higher education destination among the Indian students due to the world renowned Universities that it boasts of.

Why migrate to UK?

  • UK is easily one of the most advanced nations in the world, thus translating into a high standard of living and social security
  • The education system is world class and comparable to the best in the world
  • Migrants from a number of nations have made the UK a highly welcoming society towards the immigrants, thus making them feel welcomed and secure
  • The business and job opportunities in the UK are endless. So if you know your skill, UK would offer you enough rewards for it.