Apart from Cricket, Australia and India have a lot in common too! For beginners, Indians have always loved migrating to Australia due to the large number of professional opportunities and high standards of living it offers.

Not only India, Australia witnesses a large number of immigrants coming in from all parts of the world throughout the year. Some of the most popular visas offered by Australia include Business visa, Study visa and Skilled migration visa. The immigration process is a point based system. Points are awarded to the applicants based on a number of factors including age, work experience, education qualification and proficiency in English language.

Skilled shortage in the country has made it open its doors to immigrants from all parts of the world, thus creating a win – win situation for both the parties.

Some of the benefits of migrating to Australia include –

  • The country has a very low unemployment rate, thus increasing the chances of the immigrants to land a job in the country
  • Nominated visa category can help you nominate others to come and be a permanent resident in Australia
  • The country offers a number of social security benefits, most of which are also available to the permanent residents
  • The education system in the country is extremely robust and easily one of the best in the entire world.