That UK is easily one of the most favoured higher education destinations for Indians is almost a no brainer. Our attraction towards the higher education institutions in the UK has always been on a rise over the past few decades. The UK student visa given to the Indian students willing to pursue a course in the UK is based on the duration of their course and the applicant’s age. A Tier 4 general visa is usually offered to the students who are enrolling in the graduate or post graduate or doctoral programmes.

All the immigration and visa related processed in the UK are handled by the UK border agency. The applicants are given points based on a number of factors. In order to get a Tier 4 visa, the applicant needs to get a minimum of 40 points. For the applicant to file the application, he or she must have a confirmation of acceptance for studies. This letter would contain a 14 digit reference number which would need to be filled up in the visa application form. Additionally, it would also contain the commencement date of the course and the entire fee related to the course.

All the documents that are to be submitted need to be in the English language only. If the documents are in some other language, they need to be translated into English before the submission.

The ideal time to start your UK study visa application is at least 3 months before the commencement of the course. The CAS statement given to the applicant by the institute is only valid for a period of six months.