Paying a visit to the UK is a big occasion for many Indians. There is no dearth of attractions in the country which attract people from all parts of the world to pay a visit. In order to make such visits possible, the UK authorities offer the standard visitor visa for three different purposes – for leisure, for business and for any another reason such as in order to undergo a medical treatment.

This standard visa has replaced a number of visas such as child visitor visa, family visitor visa, sports visitor visa, entertainer visitor visa, private medical treatment visitor visa, general visitor visa, business visitor visa, prospective entrepreneur visa and approved destination status visa.

This visa allows you to do a number of things in the UK including –

  • Taking part in any activity related to businesses which is duly mentioned in the visitor rules of the immigration authorities
  •  The visa holder can also take up any short study course whose maximum duration can be 30 days. However, pursuing this course can’t be the primary reason for applying for this visa.
  •  The person can be a participant in any educational visit or be part of an exchange programme.
  •  The visa holder, during his or her visit, can convert the civil partnership into a lawful marriage.

However, this visa doesn’t allow the holder to indulge in any form of paid or unpaid work. You are
allowed to apply for this visa three months prior to the date of your travel. Once successfully issued,
this visa usually allows you to stay back in the UK for a maximum duration of six months. In case youhad applied for a visa on the grounds of undergoing a medical treatment in the country, your stay in the UK can be extended up to a time period of 11 months, for which you would be charged a
separate fee.

Another option you have is to go for a longer term visa. You can apply for a visa with duration of 2, 5 or 10 years. Using this visa, you can stay back in the UK for a maximum of 6 months during one
single visit. For the applicants below the age of 18 years, the long term visas would only have a validity of 6 months. This would change once you cross the 18 year age mark.